How It Works

When you're coming from the world of showering with a washcloth, a loofah, a poof or puff ball thingamajig, or just your hands, your first time using the WOWO becomes a watershed moment. 


1. Get Your Lather On woman's hands agitate WOWO mesh exfoliating scrubber in a sink and forms lather

Wet your WOWO and hit it with your favorite body wash or bar soap. Rub with vigor. Get in there!



woman's hands stretch a Punch Clean WOWO exfoliating mesh body scrubber in the shower


2. Scrunch and Stretch

Scrunch to get those limbs. Stretch to scrub your back. Throw it over your shoulder, pull from the other end. Pull back and forth. 





3. Nooks and Crannies

Wrap your finger with two layers and get those sneaky stink culprits - behind the ears, your bellybutton, & between those toes! 

man scrubbing behind ear with finger wrapped around WOWO exfoliating mesh body scrubber



Clean Green and Coral Clean WOWOs hanging to dry in a clean white shower

4. Rinse Out and Hang Up   

Hold that WOWO under the stream of water while the suds and (cruds) wash down the drain. Shake off & hang.



And voila, you're done! You'll feel so good after using WOWO.